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Marche pas

Ne marche pas sur mon Apple Watch Serie 2 Plante dès louverture


The Best

Best app

É nois

Absolutely awesome

I still dont know how does that app do this

O melhor



O melhor

tooo slow!

i really liked the app. it was very helpfull to find songs when youre watching tv or a movie or listen to the radio. but the app is definetly to slow! it takes ages till i can start shazaming. usually the song is over when the app is ready..

Awesome !

Good for latest releases, crap for classic

It cant even identity Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky!

Love it!

So easy to use. Very handy! AND I love that its connected to my Spotify! Ill hear what I want anytime I want! Great ❤️


Super läuft ohne Probleme....


This app is great

Crashes when opening my shazams

Happens after updating. Dont update!


This crashes all the time, what happened ? Fix this !!!! With my no start , disappointed .


Been using for 5 years. Always the most useful and functional app.


Crashes every time I check my tags or hit Shazam button. Please fix it


Very not good unless its the original play disk

iOS 10 Update

Due to the iOS 10 update, Shazam has not been working at all for me. I open the app and the circle spins but I cant touch anything because nothing registers that Im tapping it. Very bad update. Not happy at all! Deleting the app now.

Perfect for finding the artists

Its good

One of best App EVER.

One of best App EVER⚫️ (period)

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