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Shazam app watch could offer more but intro satisfaction.. 5⭐️

Great For Music Lovers!

If youre like me than you are constantly hearing new music you enjoy. But googling the lyrics isnt always an option, especially if the song isnt in your native language. I love this app. Ive been using it for years and its always been amazing!

Cant Seem to Pickup Anything

Since last update, simply does not work. Very clear radio is not identified. Please fix.


I can find music easy and its really great

Great app

I use this app all the time. Its awesome!


This is a great app. I totally recommended this for EVERYONE


Excellent App. Thank you

Amazing App

Amazing for the most part, works great and recognizes songs really quickly. Sometimes crashes, though

Best app ever

You know when theres a song playing on the radio or at a party or something and you dont know what it is? This solves that every single time.


I used to use Siri to find songs but I was recommend by a friend to use this and this is definitely way better then Siri finding songs.

I highly like this app so much, its kind so useful!

Nice one i have ever seen


Possibly the BEST thing about having a smart phone... WHAT SONG IS THAT?!?!? Now you KNOW!

Cool app!

Very nice and all the things you wanted to know about the song is here!

Most in-intuitive App

Very difficult interface. It takes many touches and takes to too many pages and you get lost and accomplish nothing.

Love, love, love!!

Just press the button on the app and it will tell you everything about the song or tv program you need to know!! Its very easy and its easy to buy the song from iTunes if you want to buy the song.

Ive taken this app for granted

Have had this app since my first iphone. Ive taken for granted how well it works and how valuable it is. Thank you shazaam for being awesome all of these years and being one of the FEW apps that continues to work well with every update. However, I do miss the lyrics feature but the suggestions feature makes up for it. I love suggestions of other songs similar to the one I shazaamed. That rocks


I love how Shazam finds a song in like a mil-second and the best feature is that its connected to my Apple Music!!!!

What a mess!

I just tried this for the first time in years. What total junk! Tons of links to play the song on streaming services. Erm… ITS PLAYING NOW. Tiny hidden link to see the lyrics, which would have been useful while the song was playing.


Just does what I need. Love it!!!

Doesnt work well for lesser-known music

This app is fantastic for finding hit songs from famous artists but it is really bad for finding things like TV show theme songs, instrumentals from soundcloud artists, and music made by lesser-known composers. I tried finding a song used in a YouTube video with this app, most of the time it didnt bring up any results, and when it did they were the wrong songs. It took me a long time to find that song through YouTube comments and I found out that the song was made by an anonymous soundcloud artist and had <10000 hits. Perhaps Shazam should expand its database to soundcloud and other music sharing sites.

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